Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Exterior PaintingPressure washing, scraping, stripping, sanding – it’s hard dirty work crucial to the longevity of the finish coat. In fact, more than fifty percent of the time spent working on a home’s exterior finish should be devoted to the removal of old paint.

Surface prep is an area where painting contractors sometimes cut corners to lower the cost, yet having a fresh coat of paint applied to a poorly prepared surface is not a good strategy for the home owner. When an exterior finish holds up and looks great for many seasons, it is due to skillful, thorough surface preparation. Determining the causes of paint failure takes a mix of experience and analysis. Problem solving  is what we do best!

We carefully protect  landscaping, and leave each and every project spotless. Our crews are friendly and helpful. They do not smoke or play loud music on site, and they will treat your home and family with respect. We will keep you informed and quickly address any concerns that may arise as work progresses. We communicate in person, by phone, text and email! We will never ask for final payment until you are absolutely satisfied with our work.

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