How Much Lead Paint Is Lead Paint?

Lead Safe Painting
You go to estimate a repaint on an older home, you learn that the home was built before 1977 and oh no their is that 4 letter word…lead. The home owner tells you that the home was repainted several times since they have owned it and there can’t be anymore lead on the house.
You hand them the booklet and talk about the dangers of lead paint, they tell you stories about the good old days and how relatives of their used to mix their own lead paint. You agree; that is how it used to be but explain the  EPA laws of today.
What do you do? The whole house is not lead but it is scattered in all of the areas and now just starting to fail. There is not more then twenty square feet of it on any one 500 square foot area ( and of course it is in the hardest areas to get to) but the problem is that it is spread out like paint splatter with a clump here and a clump there.
Do you strip the whole area ? Do you only strip the many clumps? You have to set up the whole area, but do you strip the clumps and prime those areas and then treat the rest of the job as a regular paint job? How do you keep the cost down, the quality up and the workers and home owners safe? How do you put a number on this job? Do you even want the job?